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OCZMA serves local elected officials on the Oregon Coast.  OCZMA is a clearinghouse of objective information on issues relating to the Oregon Coast—this information is then shared with the state and federal government.  OCZMA conducts studies on the Oregon Coast's economy and carries out applied research to improve the standard of living in the region.  Through our extensive network of local government officials and many other partners, OCZMA gives voice to the concerns and needs of coastal residents.


Telecommunications/Public Safety
Telecommunications and the Oregon Coast (September 2010)

OCZMA has spent the last two years developing a comprehensive economic development strategy for the Oregon Coast. The strategy outlines how coastal leaders can take full advantage of new broadband technologies.

Because of broadband communications, today many people can live and work anywhere they want to in the world. We believe we can retain and attract many knowledge-based businesses because of our quality of life.

OCZMA completed the Oregon Coast Telecommunications Economic Development Strategy document in September 2005. The report serves as a briefing for local government officials and others on the Oregon Coast.

Final EDA Report—Building a 21st Century Economy: A Coastal Telecommunications Strategy (September 2010)
Final EDA Report—Building a 21st Century Economy: A Coastal Telecommunications Strategy (September 2010) [more]

Oregon Coastal Notes Newsletter—"Lifestyle Entrepreneur" Gets Shoved Under a Microscope by Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) (April 2010)
This newsletter focuses on Oregon Public Broadcasting's (OPB) recent Think Out Loud Program held in Newport, Oregon on Rural Oregon (the Rural Oregon Project) [more]

Branding the Oregon Coast Workshop (May 29, 2009)
On May 29, 2009 in Newport, Oregon, OCZMA held a "Branding Workshop" to explore the potential of marketing or branding the Oregon Coast as an ideal place for "lifestyle entrepreneurs" or "knowledge workers."

Oregon Coastal Notes Newsletter—Oregon's Digital Divide: A Coastal Perspective (February 2010)
This newsletter gives an update on telecommunications in Oregon, especially coastal Rural Oregon. [more]

Using Telecommunications to Transform the Oregon Coast Economy (September 2005)
OCZMA completed a Report entitled "Oregon Coastal Telecommunications Economic Development Strategy in September 2005. This was a year-and-a-half project. [more]

Telecommunications Update (January 2009)—Onno Husing, Director, OCZMA
Pilgrimage to the Columbia River Gorge Yields Insights. [more]

Telecommunications Update (October 2008)—Onno Husing, Director, OCZMA
OCZMA will continue to spearhead a telecommunications planning effort through the Oregon Rural Congress (see Oregon Rural Congress/Rural Oregon Policy Topic under OCZMA's web site for additional information on telecommunications). [more]

Telecommunications Update (June 2008)—Onno Husing, Director, OCZMA
Lincoln County Telecommunications Group lands a federal grant to improve Public Safety Communications. [more]

Telecommunications Update (April 2008)—Onno Husing, Director, OCZMA
The LINC CIS Exercise held in Newport, Oregon on January 24, 2008 was a success. [more]

Telecommunications Update (October 2007)—Onno Husing, Director, OCZMA
Economic Development Administration (EDA) grant for continuation of OCZMA's telecommunications project is approved for $100,000. [more]

Telecommunications Update (June 2007)—Onno Husing, Director, OCZMA
Telecommunications Update: WiMAX deployment pushed back and public safety communication networks pushed on the front burner. [more]

Telecommunications/Public Safety News Articles
News Articles on Telecommunications/Public Safety are posted here. [more]


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