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OCZMA serves local elected officials on the Oregon Coast.  OCZMA is a clearinghouse of objective information on issues relating to the Oregon Coast—this information is then shared with the state and federal government.  OCZMA conducts studies on the Oregon Coast's economy and carries out applied research to improve the standard of living in the region.  Through our extensive network of local government officials and many other partners, OCZMA gives voice to the concerns and needs of coastal residents.


Like Stepping Back in Time: An Uncrowded Coast

The Oregon Coast is relatively undeveloped. Large stretches of scenic coastline are in public ownership. And, many of the private lands are zoned for timber conservation. So, when you come here, it’s like stepping back in time. The natural beauty is largely intact.

Thankfully, many decades ago the state of Oregon purchased prime locations along the beach. So, today, you can enjoy a network of Oregon State Parks along the Oregon coast, some big, some small. These oceanfront parks offer stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and beach access.

In other regions, beach locations like these are the private domain of the rich and famous. Not here. On the Oregon Coast these precious oceanfront jewels are reserved for you.

And, because of landmark state legislation, “The Oregon Beach Bill”, the many miles of sandy beach in Oregon belong to everyone. And, on the Oregon Coast you can experience the beach without staring up at 20 story condominiums. It’s a serene beach experience. On the Oregon Coast, enjoy nature at her best.

Many people visiting the Oregon coast fly into Portland, rent a car, and come to the Oregon coast as part of their visit. Tourism professionals tell us about half of these visitors quickly drive down the coast and then head inland to Crater Lake. Then, after visiting Crater Lake they drive 5 hours North up 1-5 to catch their plane home from Portland.

What does that mean?

It means they do a lot of driving. And, it means many people who come to the Oregon Coast only see it through the windshield of a rental car going 45 or 55 mph!

We have a suggestion. Don’t try to see the entire Oregon Coast in one day or even in one visit. Spend several days with us and really experienced the coast. Coastal residents see the Oregon Coast as being three distinct sub-regions. There’s the North Coast, the Central Coast, and the South Coast. Each subregion has drop-dead gorgeous coastal scenery to explore. There are also many communities with character to enjoy.

Like Stepping Back in Time: An Uncrowded Coast


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